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My name is Ellena Johnston, this is a lot of narcissism. .......... ( Everything I post is my own) hit counter
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silencemustfallontrenzalore asked: OMG I'm from Feltham too!! Just thought I'd say Hi as I've never seen someone on here from there! Love your blog so much - how everything is all your work! Bun the haters srsly you're so beautiful, as a person and in looks! Have a good evening! <3

Aha that’s awesome :) You have a lovely blog, but I can’t find you! heh
Glad you enjoy my work and very sweet of you to say.
You too! x

Anonymous asked: Okay I understand this will probably sound beyond silly. But you genuinely seem pretty damn perfect. I mean i've never had the chance to speak to you, due to how unbelievably shy I am. But I mean beyond the aesthetics because obviously you're rather beautiful, but the drive you have with your own art from your own store to your photography is rather impressive and sweet. Anyway i'm going to leave now before I overstay my welcome and say something real dumb

Well I am definitely not but what a lovely thing to say!
You’ve just made my day, thank you :) there’s no need to be shy I don’t bite! Talk to me off anonymous, you’re always welcome.

Anonymous asked: Instagram?



Don’t know why but ok, so sleepy!

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Couldn’t be more me, -,o’


true life: people like my hair more than they like me

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