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My name is Ellena Johnston, this is a lot of narcissism. .......... ( Everything I post is my own) hit counter
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Anonymous asked: Hey! We used to speak every now and then but stopped all of a sudden! What's going on with you now?

Pop up/text? Sorry if that was on my part, I have a lot going on recently and have been quite reserved with people.  Come off anon :)

Anonymous asked: You're unbelievably pretty and we did talk but I'd rather not risk embarrassment so I'll remain anon

It’s so sweet of you to think that but there’s no need for you to be embarrassed, I hope i’ve never made you feel that way! Stop being anon :) 

”I need a volunteer, I need you to hold this and keep bowing as they clap, as long as they’re clapping you don’t stop” -Jeremy Farquar, butler to the rich and powerful, not the famous, the ones who don’t want you ro know who they are.
(peas in guinness) What does this represent? Any guesses?Whirled-peas 
My first ever ice coffeei’ve been missing out

Don’t know why but ok, so sleepy!

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